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The Moma-Louvre RKKVP 3D Museum Collection 

The RKKVP - TOKENISM 3D Museum Collection Works mirror a new Era of Artistic finesse that by historical observation is indisputably beyond compare. 

The RKKVP World of the Virtual spectacle offers extended multidimensional Reality experiences of the Foreign Extraterrestrial kind.

The Augmented Reality Universe, 8K 3D Holographic Excellence, Projective Magnificence , the Mixed Black Box Sphere that illuminates with Timeless Digital Art Creations the LED Domes of our Time....all of these exceptional Technology based Fine Art Experiences are by RKKVP passionately recognized in the complex Process of every new Art Work Creation. 


From the Worlds First Holographic Augmented Reality Display, to Dreamoc Diamond 3D Holographic projections RKKVP is offering a new captivating Artistic experience that is beyond compare. 

The RKKVP Holographic 8K Masterworks showcase stunning interactive content that effectively uses revolutionary light field Technology to enhance the overall Fine Art Viewing experiences tremendously.

No VR or AR Headsets are for the Museum Visitor required to enjoy Interactive Artistic Sensations with emotionalizing enhancements of uplifting- exhilarating Sound. 

No one prior to RKKVP has entered the Digital World with such unique Artistic language.

The Transformation from Digital into the Materialized Artistic State is another unique selling proposition that RKKVP/TOKENISM so impressively-uniquely occupies.

The RKKVP-NFT Museum Installations of the Future as Envisioned by RKKVP at the Abu Dhabi Louvre and-or MOMA Fine Art Museum Exhibition Venues will consist of one of a kind exquisite Fine Art Installation Objects that are illuminated by Cosmic LED light features which artistically enhance the in general Intergalactic-Cosmic appeal. 

Motion is as part of the Fine Art enjoyment experiences as the 3D dominated Futuristic Design is. Materials of the Chrome, Glass, Stainless Steel Nature hold revolutionary LED light features and Motorized Motion support systems that powerfully support the Artistic Object.

Futuristic Led Technology Illuminated Art Domes and-or Wall projection solutions impressively empower the RKKVP Fine Art viewing Experiences.

Advanced Optics, Custom Electronics, Proprietary Light Field Technology and a software power that secures ultimate Creation capacities are in their correlation the exhilarating production Force behind the Visionary Museum Collection of RKKVP.  The Fine Art Connoisseur and-or renown Museum Curator can now secure History in the making by Investing in RKKVP Custom Fine Art Creations that indisputably enrich the most complete and valuable Collection with unsurpassed Artistic Excellence. 

Sculptural Objects in Planetary motion excite through their powerful presence that like no other is in furtherance of interest and engagement. 

The most progressive-advanced Holographic 3D Technologies are by RKKVP used to provide to Museums and Fine Art Connoisseurs rare-in some cases one of a kind artistic Monuments that respond to a higher Dimension of imagination and Dream based phantasy stimulation experiences.

Museum Wall and Glass Panel Projection Exhibits (front or back projection) are among the most magical experiences RKKVP 3D Art has to the sophisticated Fine Art Museum to offer.

The viewer is consciously entering a Visual Cloud of Intergalactic Spheres that carries him into the depths of one of a kind unforgettable Extraterrestrial experiences. Uplifting Emotions are set free, the spirit is exalted and raised, and the powerful presence of Artistic divinity comes to ones mind when entering the magical World of RKKVP.

3D Printed Limited Edition Coins and Futuristic Models are among the rare Collectibles that are within the context of the RKKVP Museum Collection program conceptualized.

High Quality Metal Print models that adhere to the highest 3D Standard will be LED illuminated from the rear of the Art Object to achieve an optimized contrast between the Artwork and the naked display Wall. A remote control device-function will provide to the individual the opportunity to choose his Personal color of choice.

The most Magnificent Monumental Coin Sculptures in 4 different Dimensions are to be expected from RKKVP that in restricted Edition sizes (1-10 Exemplars) genuinely enrich the Collection of Private Investors and Museums alike. In fact even Solid Gold and Platinum Coin Works are currently by the Artist considered that do not exceed the 15 inch height limitation. Such very rare collectors items may be at the Artists choosing additionally encrusted with Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies. 

The Museum Collection of RKKVP is beyond the immaterial roam of NFT a fundamental Artistic Statement  that mirrors a Time, its cultural substance, and the associated ideological structures that have found their roots within the context of Technology. 

RKKVP-NFT ...TOKENISM has Gloriously arrived



The Art Cosmos of the 21st. Century Artistically expanded and Tokenism is the Revolutionary New Cultural Movement 

The RKKVP Holographic Stage Custom Designs for Museums Corporate and Private Fine Art Collections 

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