Frequently asked questions

👽Are you an Intergalactic Resident❓

The purpose is to show that when we team up, something beautiful will emerge.

🪙 What is TOKENISM ❓

Send a photo or more to mosaicoftheworld@gmail.com and also tell us if you want to be featured with a portrait.

Aliens 👾 and Cyborgs Association’s ....Identify them

There is a strict rule that person younger than 18 years old, are not allowed to submit photos by any chance. The character of the art project is to display nudity and form something greater out of it as a team. All photos should thus be nudes.

💫 Have you ever purchased Interstellar 🌟 Art Properties

The mosaic is updated regulary. In the beginning we won't show the mosaic because of the privacy guidelines. We don't want to make any individual public without their consent.

👾 Are you ready to apply for Martian 🆒 Citizenship ❓