Resident Decentraland

The New World unfolding operates in a Technology dominated environment in which the traditional images no longer matter. 

Purchase and own Digital Decentraland Property and explore the Illusion of wealth on illusory grounds. 

Reality is after all just like time mere Illusion and the ownership of nothing is for many still something.

Subconsciously we associate Drinking with Coca Cola, Driving with Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or others, and Fashion with Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren among some.

In todays World our entire Culture is Brand dominated, our desires are of material kind, and the happiness we once experienced in the ordinary has for most no more meaningful appeal. 

Tokenism Mirrors a Culture that no longer requires the painted portrait of affluent men and women, as the new Ideals the new Motives are solely Image based.


The Image of the Brand transcending on its proud owner never seizes to delight the subconscious mind that wishes to belong to Prestige driven Elite.  

From the Tattooing to dressing, from Driving to Art the feeling to belong always dominates the attention seeking mind. 

TOKENISM is the reflection of a Cyborg society that no longer can live without the Prestige International Luxury Brands project.




Going to the GO-GO where Time looses all Space and Imagination without limitations takes you far beyond the secretly desired. 

©️ RKKVP All Rights Reserved 

Who Watches the Watchers. What good is Intelligence when its secrets can be eventually bought or used for the purposes of self empowerment.

"RKKVP Explicit Content XXX"

The Bold and vivid Images of the Past inspire the great artistic Designs of the Future. Beauty in its infinite essence finds its mysterious way into many different forms of artistic Creative expressions. 

Tokenism is equivalent to such innovative Progress that never seizes to gradually mature and evolve as passing Time clearly changes the Perspective and with such adjusted view new Artistic solutions present themselves.

RKKVP Gucci Lisa the Next Generation "

I saw I came and with TOKENISM I have Conquered.


The Empires of Today, are ready to adapt to the digital images of  Tomorrow by shifting into the data World of Nostredamic Dreams in which names like Chanel have already claimed their prestigious position.


To see is to believe...really❓

Chanel Rose Parfait 

As Mario meets Digital Aliens he quickly recognizes that the game is much more exciting when NFT life is excitingly attached to it.


If therefore You are privy to actually see an odd looking Alien ... then Super Mario is most certainly very close by. 

Super Mario meets Aliens to Play

The Red Light District.. Its secrets are desired, its pleasures we seek, its images we cherish and the provocative appeal we so passionately long for.


Provocative Tokenism is the Future to such erotically exciting seductive Window.

GUCCI Red Light District 

Women’s Lips are the most beautiful sensual part of the Human body.


We passionately long for them, are drawn towards them, and we are inspired by their stimulating sexual magic.


Word of mouth in Tiffany’s Breakfast room currently is that Cartier is actively worshipping the Eternal Glamour of luminous Lips. 

What Do You Think❓


NFT's are smoking yelled the Marlboro man via X Satellite to the digitized man on Mars.


There is no Cowboy left behind in the smoking battle for frivolous attention.


Triple X are Martian NFT's as the Digital World and all its SciFi Satellites are subjected to Extraterrestrial Creative Design laws that clearly favor RKKVP originated Tokenism.


You can bet on it!


The Google Search engines run hot as the prophecy has finally transcended into the dimension of the factual.  


They say it was the man of the Apple 🍏 that once so excitingly revealed the coming Powers of supreme TOKENISM.


Now Billions World wide are eagerly searching for the Epic Event that has enriched us all so tremendously. 


And here as you can see to the left the TOKENISM pilgrims in excitement all type and come, to meet with other worshippers that are ready to commit to the Grail of the Token and its liberal decentralized Powers.

RKKVP Tokenism via Google

An Alien has been sighted leaving the Space X Rocket for Mars or Pluto....who really knows❓


 The man of the Coin has become the associate of friendly Aliens that as the New York Times reported depends on Alien Aerospace Technology that makes Vacationing on Mars Possible‼️


Radioactive is out and Tokenactive is in.


To Hell with all this Nuclear crap and praised be the Token of Cash and Decentralized Liberty.


The JPM Chasers of this World are going in big time and are kissing the inflated Fiat bill goodbye 👋 


As Lemons are grown on Mars and Water returned to its once Stone covered surface the Space X Astronauts are in Celebration to such extraordinary event grandly Celebrating on Planet Venus with Female Aliens of the seductive kind.


What happens on Venus sadly remains there and all the doubters should be made aware that it was all actually caught on NFT Tape‼️