RKKVP-NFT " X GOING TO THE MOON - See you there soon "

RKKVP Robert Konrad Kurfürst Von Pommern

for Earthlings from a Galactic Citizen
The Art of the Coin in the Creative Chain without Block or Chain

RKKVP-NFT/ Cybernetics  

RKKVP/ "Cyborgs Colony Hologram " 



RKKVP Space X Mission Mars Token NFT 

McLaren Token Video Art



Censorship in Extraterrestrial territory activated.


The XXX monetary shift with a Fine Art drift spins out of control during Mars Stroll.

Face the coming by submissively buying into it.

The power of the token is clearly infinite and the Mask of the Global Epidemic indisputably altered everything.


Interactive 3D Art Experiences in 8K Quality Standard as well as Holographic RKKVP Masterworks set Tokenism Globally apart. It is an Artistic Revolution of extraordinary substance that like any other will change most certainly forever the World of Fine Museum Quality Art.


Experience the Magic of RKKVP Holography and enter the fascinating New World in which Revolutionary Technology embraces Creative Vision. From the Louvre in Abu Dhabi to the Residences of Fine Art Connoisseurs, to display, connect and proudly own RKKVP Holographic Installations is a highly rewarding one of a kind experience in every visual, value and historically pertinence associated aspect. 

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